NASEVO. Science and Essences

  • 28 February - 2 September 2018
  • Museu de Ciències Naturals (Museu Blau) Barcelona

The exhibition explores the scientific and creative processes of a multisensory artist who unites colour and smell by way of the object NOSE.

  • In the same way that the perfumer works with a palette of essences, the artist puts together a palette of colours. For NASEVO, these two palettes are one and the same.

    NASEVO is the artistic alias of Ernesto Ventós, who is by profession an acclaimed creator of essences and, by passionate conviction, a very special kind of: deaf since childhood, instead of simply looking at works of visual art he smells them too. His works are linguistic objects: an archetype, the nose; a semantics, smell-colour, and a container, the styles and forms of. In his own singular way, NASEVO brings to the world distilled, transformative works, with the spirit of a magician and an alchemist.

    The exhibition is articulated in six areas. The first three – ‘Olfactory Pyramid’, ‘Colour Palette’ and ‘Olfactory Families’ – propose a scientific approach to the world of smells. How are fragrances visually represented? How are they classified? What are the known olfactory families? What are the characteristics of these? What, according to NASEVO, are the colours of the different smells?

    The last three areas – ‘Rocks, Plants and Animals’, ‘I Want Smell’ and ‘Electronic Art’ – propose an artistic approach to the olfactory realm. Does stone smell? If you take a photo of a face made out of orange peel, does the photo have a smell? Does the sea smell like fish or does a fish smell like the sea?

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