NASEVO and the Smells of Barcelona

  • 4 April - 14 June 2014
  • Fundación Setba, Barcelona

NASEVO’s creations are a product of the symbiosis of his two great passions, fragrances and visual art, in which the nose, as the essential link, is the undisputed protagonist.

  • Under the alias NASEVO, Ernesto Ventós has built up one of the world’s largest art collections centred on the nose and the realm of fragrances and essences. On account of his deafness and his love of the visual arts, he has come to regard the process of creating a fragrance is very similar to the process of creating an artwork.

    For NASEVO, the perfumer is a lot like a painter, with the olfactory notes being equivalent to the colours of the palette, and for this reason he has divided the works in the exhibition into seven groups, corresponding to seven characteristic smells of the city of Barcelona. These seven groups are paired in turn with seven colours and with the seven balconies of the SETBA foundation, with each balcony displaying a nose of the corresponding colour. This was NASEVO’s first exhibition in Barcelona.

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