The Thrill of Smelling Art

  • 21 October – 22 November 2015
  • Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona

This NASEVO exhibition presented works related to a gallery of portraits and a set of pieces which combine the art of drawing and painting with electronic artforms.

  • The olfactory tastings accompanying the exhibition, which centred on a variety of products (coffee, wine, chocolate, oil, essences and desserts), were run by leading specialists in these fields: Pere Cornellà, Adrià Carricart, Damian Alsop, Àngels Calvo, Montse Quadradas and Jordi Roca, respectively.

    As Dr Andrés Clarós, director of the olfactory seminar, wrote in his introduction to the show: ‘Thanks to the tenacity of the artist Ernesto Ventós, “the man who confuses colour and smell”, who, in the absence of music and text, has succeeded in creating smells with which to describe the images of his works, the NASEVO concept is a reality. “The appetite is to smell and taste what emotion is to art.” In this NASEVO exhibition we set out to combine the two emotions around smell and art, and that is why we are proposing a double emotional exercise of absolute cultural hedonism: let yourself be thrilled and confused olfactorily by the forms and colours of the artist’s work and thrill to the discovery of the olfactory nuances in the different workshops being run over the course of this “omni-sensorial” exhibition.’


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