The Universe of Smells

  • November - December 2016
  • Sala Josep Uclés, Centre Cultural El Carmen, Badalona

Workshop-cum-guided tour. An activity linked to the exhibition Olfactorium Badalona.

A workshop-cum-guided tour

  • A workshop-cum-guided tour in which we learn what the sense of smell is, what a perfume is and what the olfactory families and the olfactory pyramid are. Finally we will take a guided tour of the exhibition, getting to know and reflecting on the smells of Badalona.

    Perfume of Badalona

    A delicate, fresh, floral perfume combining notes of water flower with verbena and soft citric tones.

    Baetulo: earth, dust, dry
    Murtra: aromatic, herbaceous, fresh
    Maritime: marine, watery, salty, seaweed
    Anise: spicy, aromatic, sweet

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