Smell of Alella Vines

  • 8 September - 9 October 2016
  • Can Manyé. Espacio de arte y creación, Alella (Barcelona)

On the occasion of the grape harvest, NASEVO was invited to put together an exhibition in the Alella wine region, which has its own designation of origin.

  • The exhibition takes the form of a pairing of pieces by NASEVO and works by other artists from the olorVISUAL collection, grouped on the basis of four elemental concepts: sand, sea, vines and landscape. The show thus features important works by major artists such as Christo, Jordi Cabestany, Perejaume, Antoni Muntadas, Pere Noguera and Günter Förg, among others.

    To coincide with the opening of the exhibition Jesús Etxarte made the art film Olor de Vinya d’Alella, produced by NASEVO.

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