Olfactorium Badalona

  • 13 October 2016 - 8 January 2017
  • Sala Josep Uclés, Centre Cultural El Carmen, Badalona

Olfactorium Badalona is the title of this exhibition by the artist NASEVO, who defines all his artistic work in relation to what is undoubtedly our least explored sense: smell.

  • Exploring the concept of seeing / smelling – smelling / seeing, NASEVO’s work is full of artistic references, evoked with a deliciously fresh sense of humour. For this exhibition a special space was created, in which to experience, go deeper into and enjoy the aromas that define the town. ‘Baetulo’ refers to Badalona’s Roman past; ‘Murtra’ to the myrtle that perfumes and gives its name to the monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra; ‘Anís’ to the Anís del Mono anisette factory, the Art Nouveau gem where the town’s hallmark anisette is still manufactured, and ‘Mar’ to the ever-present essence of its maritime tradition. The four aromas together form the unique and distinctive Badalona perfume that NASEVO has created specifically for the occasion.

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