NASEVO. The Man Who Confuses Colour and Smell

  • 10 - 31 January 2018
  • Real Casino de Murcia, sala alta

The exhibition at the Real Casino de Murcia is in four sections: An ‘Introduction’, which outlines the artist’s beginnings and trajectory to date; ‘The Smell of Nature’, which presents a selection of works inspired by the natural world and the market garden of Murcia; ‘The Smell of History’, which traces the historical heritage of the Real Casino, and ‘The Smell of Colours’, which engages with the relationship between the different aromatic and chromatic elements.

  • María Ángeles López, director of the Fragrances Development department at Iberchem, leads an olfactory workshop on ‘The Polychromy of Fragrances’, exploring the subjectivity of our perception of smells and the strong relationship between sight and smell.


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